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College Days: Having Fun, Creating Memories

It was a 3 day fun-packed celebration of the annual Goldenstate College Days on its Silver Anniversary held at Goldenstate College Lagao Campus with the theme “Connoisseurs Revelation” last February 15-17,2017.
The theme of the celebration is to exhibit the knowledge, skills and talents of students of Goldenstate College. The school come up with the idea of dividing the students based on their department unlike the recent years, it was done by division. There were six (6) departments who showcased what they have. They are the College of Arts and Education, Technical Vocational Education, College of Health and Allied Sciences, College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, College of Information Technology Education and College of Business and Management. Each department had their own competitions to host which gave students the chance to participate more, showcase more, exhibit more, enjoy more and create more, memories.
On the first day, the venue is all set, the ambiance is good and attendance and cleanliness are highly observed. The booths are all ready to provide enjoyment such as marriage booth, chain booth, movie booth, photo booth, videoke booth and little peryahan booth and food, beverages and treats from the BSBA’s booths. The College of Arts and Education was the first department who showcased their talents on stage. Their department is comprised by the Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Technical Teaching Education. Their department was divided into five teams in terms of their year level. The First year students were named as Team Shakespeare, Second year as Team Chaucer, Third year as Team Tolstoy, Fourth year as Team Rowling and the Senior High School students as Team Twain.
The five teams contended eagerly in Declamation, Speech Choir Spoken Poetry and Contemporary Dance which leaves the audience entertained. After the contest, the winners of each competition and the Overall Champion were announced by Mr. Elviro H. Bacalanmo, MAED, Program Head CAE where they received ribbons, certificates and trophies.
Technical Vocational Education Department took over in the afternoon, showcasing their expertise which opened the eyes and enlighten the audience about their field. Their department is constituted by the automotive students who competed in Gas Engine Tune-Up through Set Ignition Timing; Electrical students in Install Electrical Wiring Fixtures Competition and Electronics students for the Dancing Light Competition. Their department also offered free service to anyone who had damaged gadgets and appliances.
On the second day, the event started at 9 o’clock in the morning for the presentation of the College of Health and Allied Sciences Their department is composed of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Midwifery and Health Care Services students. They have Vital Signs and Gloving Competition which is fun to watch and learn from. On stage, they battled on Quiz Bee and Spelling Bee which both heat up the stage because no one wants to raise the white flag in their close fight. They also have activities outside the gymlike Amazing Race and Ginoong Sereyna 2017 which causes laughter and happiness among the viewers. While the Pharmacy Department is having their games on the gym, the HRM Department also started some of their competitions in Saint Catherine building such as Table Setting Competition, Cake Decorating, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Food Plating, Quiz Bowl, Table Napkin Folding(elimination round) then awarding and restoration.
The HRM Department filled the afternoon with exuberance as they present their most awaited competition with four teams facing off; Team 1 as Green Pistachios, Team 2 as Yellow Mango Daiquiri, Team 3 as Red Velvet Cake and Team 4 as Orange Mai Tai. After giving messages and reading criteria for each contest the battle began, on the floor area the challenge for Bread Display, Table Skirting with Centrepiece and Market Basket started simultaneous with Table Napkin Folding (final round) and Bartending Competition on stage. The former students of Goldenstate College entertained the crowd on their Flair Exhibition and the audience were astounded to the skills they got.
In the middle of the heat of the fight, Honorable Councilor Bobby Pacquiao arrived to join the celebration and delivered a special message to all. In addition, the members of Local Government Unit (LGU) who accompanied him had a friendship game with Goldenstate College’s varsity players in basketball and volleyball.
Meanwhile, the highly anticipated search for Mr and Ms HRM 2017 triggered the loud cheers of the crowd. The four pairs of candidates were stunning and blazing in their Production number with their Chef’s Apparel. After they walked with their heads held high, the competition for HRM Dance interspersed to give the candidates ample time for the next part of the pageant. When screams and claps for the Team 1 and 2 dancers stopped, the search resumed, they ramped for the second time wearing their Corporate Attire. The supporters gave their loudest cheer to their representative especially to the hottest part the Question and Answer portion. Everyone confidently answered the questions and went back to the backstage. As they wait for the result, the HRM Dance resumed where Team 3 and 4 cheerfully performed their choreography. A moment of silence covered the gym as the candidates went back on stage then thundering screams and applauses boomed as the winners were announced.
On the last day, morning, the College of Information and Technology Education department showed off their wit in the different competitions. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Associate in Computer Technology and Computer Hardware Services completed their department. All were amazed as the IT Department prepared all competition automated. They started the program with the IT Quiz Bee simultaneous with Logo Design, Web Page Design, Typing Master and Audio Visual Presentation on the floor area then it was followed by Goldenstate Feud (student, kiddie and faculty and staff edition) hosted by the jolly AB English 4th year students Paul BE Buan, Joseph Paglinawan and Jessel Marie Gabaleo that enthralled the crowd. But the Cosplay captured the heart of those people who were fond of anime and online games for they were awestruck as the contenders showed their chosen character.
College of Business and Management is the last department to take the lead in the afternoon. There are 6 groups; Tara Na Sa LuzViMinda, Puto de Patata, Baryo Pares, Squish Burger, Dip n’ Fries, Ice Cream. They need to promote their own product through product presentation and video advertisement presentation competition and they did well.
Winners are gratified about their awards but Carlito Edullantes, 3rd year IT student was overjoyed for he received not just award but also privileged as he won in the Logo design competition for all the departments. Edullantes’ output is just so fascinating that drew everyone in awe so the school decided to use his work this year’s Goldenstate College’s logo.
But the fun didn’t stop just by receiving certificates, medals, ribbons and trophies for before the celebration ends the school prepared a thrilling game and Zumba to encourage the entire school population to be in a festive mood. After the intense Zumba, the event officially ended where everyone was all wet with sweat but still gleeful and ecstatic.
The event would not be more successful without the help of the following sponsors; Citra Mina, Pearl Mineral Water, Coca-cola Femsa, Virginia Hotdog, Takuyaki, Globe Telecoms and Bank of the Philippine Islands
It was a blissful event indeed; the school is truly endowed with an exceptional talented students and teachers. Everyone is delighted especially those department head who were beaming with pride of their products, their students. Everyone just had fun and enjoyed the moment and created memories that are worth remembering.

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