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Salvador Yasana : A proud product of Goldenstate College

Everyone was fascinated by his charm for he was not just an ordinary judge during the college days but also a man who captivates the hearts of the students who were there to witness the annual celebration of college days and it's 25th silver anniversary.

His name is Salvador Yasaña Jr. 24 years old. An alumnus of Goldenstate college. He graduated in the year 2013 with a Bachelors degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management. "My life when I use to be a student was really good and truly amazing. Those are moments that can always be treasured." said Salvador.

A year after he graduated, he immediately got a job and now he is currently working in an international cruise line, specifically in a European cruise. He said that the learning he had when he used to be a student of Goldenstate are a big help specially in his career right now. He is blessed that his Alma mater had played a big role in molding him to become successful in his career right now. Aside from the learnings that he acquired by taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant management, he also develop good characteristic and values and it's significance  to the people around him which help him to do his job confidently and easier.

"Cooking is everywhere, whenever I go, cooking is there." said Salvador. He love to cook. His specialities made the other nationalities loved the filipino delicacies such as Adobo and Pancit. Their customers also considered "Balot" as one the best. "It may not look delicious but once you taste it, you'll definitely love it." Salvador added.

He had been in many different places and countries, meeting different people and races yet he remain humble as he is. Every end of his job contract, he never fails to visit his Alma mater. In fact he was more glad because in his current visit he became a part of the celebration of colleges days. He is very thankful for the warmth welcome given by the staffs, teachers and specially the students.

" Be committed to school, study hard and let the school mold you so that it could be easy for you to face the real world. Blessings is always there so just strive and lastly be proud of the school where you came from." Salvador 's message to all the students of Goldenstate College.

Whenever he goes, he will always be proud of Goldenstate College for it became a big part on aiming his goals and achievements for his family and his future. His Alma mater teach him how respect other people that's why he always bring back the same respect to the school where he came from.
For Salvador Yasaña, Goldensate college is considered as one of his family and whenever he comes to visit, he always feels like home.


-Cuaresma, Jeralyn I.
-Pospos, Jeacel C.
-Opalla, Kenneth L.


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