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Celebrating Volunteerism: The Bombo Medico and Goldenstate College Medical Outreach 2017

A Record Breaking partnership for Bombo Radyo and Goldenstate, at least 6,000 patients served.

“The program will be the same, but Bombo Radyo Philippines together with Goldenstate College Inc., didn’t  aimed for quantity of the people, but with the quality of the service we will give to the, but still we exceeded the quota.” – Mr. Jonathan B. Macailig, Bombo Radyo Station manager and Bombo Medico over all organizer.

            An annual event that has been anticipated by our least fortunate brethrens in our society, the Bombo Radyo Philippines in collaborative effort with Goldenstate College family has once again extended their efforts to help the poorest in our society avail immediate medical services. The program was made possible by added efforts from General Santos City local government,the 1st SARGEN Ready Reserve Battalion,Phil. Army headed by LtC. Warren A. Manilay,MNSA, the Provincial government of Sarangani and the Gensan Medical Society, these organizers helped together to cater the needs of masses last July 9, 2017 at the Goldenstate College Lagao Campus, General Santos City. Tagged as Bombo Medico, this program was organized by the Bombo Radyo Philippines, in their pursuit to give public service and give back to their constant supporters, the masses.  Bombo Radyo Station Manager, Jonathan B. Macailig, said the event was a distinguished one, he considered excellent among the other entire Medico in the past.

            The Bombo Radyo Team and Goldenstate College is celebrating its 4th year of partnership towards community service to provide health care services and assistance. According to the institution’s President /CEO Dr. Warren A. Manilay,MNSA “ Bombo has searched for partnership and Goldenstate College became their best choice since they knew that no school can best fit the value added services Goldenstate College can offer, according to him,  some of the courses offered by the college were aligned to public and community service.” Goldenstate’s participation towards this project has indeed became a major help and Bombo Radyo General Santos Has fully entrusted the college for all the assistance it provided.

The Organizing committee for the Goldenstate College was spearheaded by the COO/ Vice President for academics Dr. Josie Yap Tirador, MBA. The VPAA who was a busy bee during the entire duration of the event was able to make these relevant contributions for the college hassle free.

List of the relevant contribution of the Goldenstate College Inc to Bombo Medico.

  • Provision of medical equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches ( Goldenstate College Administration)
  • Provision of all the needed facilities and venue set up (Staff and Working Students)
  • Dissemination of medical information and immediate assistance (faculty and staff)
  • Patient’s Pre- registration (faculty and staff)
  • Medical Support Staff ( Midwifery and health care students)
  • Medicine Dispensing (faculty and Pharmacy Students)


In every program the Sponsors become its lifeblood of possibilities. Below are the accounts of the Annual Bombo Medico in partnership of Goldenstate College Inc. Sponsors:







  • Dr. Ester Lanelle Alon
  • Dr. Carl Evans De Castro
  • Dr. Eula Luisa Leyva
  • Dr. Marishka Alyronna Leyson
  • Dr. Patrick Act Aponesto
  • Dr. Cherry Anne Lorenzo
  • Dr. Roy Malaluan
  • Dr. Ronoeliza Yap-Neffe
  • Dr. Christian Vic Lacorte
  • Dr. Rey Angeli Penales Beronio
  • Dr. Elaine Charrisse B. Cornelio
  • Dr. Regine Anne B. Urbano
  • Dr. Leah Marie J. Francia
  • Dr. Washington Loreno
  • Dr. Evelyn Manila
  • Dr. Rannie Larosa-Gagauis
  • Dr. Cristina Ramizo
  • Dr. June Demontaño
  • Dr. Ma. Theresa Samonte
  • Dr. Bellie Balmes
  • Dr. Lalaine Calonzo
  • Dr. Connie Espinosa-Chatto



  • Dr Stephen Salvilla
  • Dr. Norma Navarro
  • Dr. Ruth Camacillo
  • Dr. Jett Oco
  • Dr. Jan-Jan Oro
  • Dr. Ma. Luisa Canda-Baliao
  • Dr. Bing Aquino
  • Dr. Adrian Lucero
  • Dr. Salvacion Billena
  • Dr. Anthony Canda
  • Dr. Myleen Lucero
  • Dr. Maria Kathrine Rapisora
  • Dr. Peter Ian Tabar
  • Dr. Rocky Undangan
  • Dr. Lyza Galia
  • Dr. Nahuman Loot



Sarangani Doctors


Gensan Dental Team

  • Dr. Laudencio Mendoza
  • Dr. Daisy Dionio
  • Dr. Zamrod Remitar
  • Dr. Jan Galy
  • Dr. Nancy Aying
  • Dr. Ma. Theresa Antoque
  • Dr. Lorna Balais
  • Dr. Keziah Galay


  • Dr. Estrella Oquendo
  • Dr. Charito Nora
  • Dr. Benedicta Buendicho
  • Dr. Charles Brent M. Buendicho
  • Dr. Dominic Alfafara
  • Dr. Marilyn Alfafara
  • Dental and Dominico Pequino






  • Dr. Noel Alolod
  • Dr. Monina Pahang-Lim
  • Dr. Shirley Yu
  • Dr. Ronal Yu
  • Dr. Bobby Atendido
  • Dr. Emma Eco
  • Dr. Leteri Y. Lim


  • Dr. Ranion Gonzales





  • Lani Bantique
  • Jaelyn Fajanela
  • Michelle Emia
  • Harvey Emia
  • Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation,INC
  • PDOHO Sarangani Province
  • Sarangani Energy Corp.
  • Dr. Tina Ramizo
  • Russan Marketing

   - Alvin Demontano VP- Manager
6. EMNCA Pharmacy
7. MED Pharmacy
8. Dr. Froilan De Castro
9. Dr. Cynthia Calderon
10. Dr. June Demontaño
11. Glan field office Sarangani Province and Scout Royale Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Southern Mindanao
12. Bank of Makati
13.Mahintana Foundation, INC Pol
14. Yessah Rhyle and Pearl Zyle Pharmacy- Calumpang
15. Pediatrica INC and Med Reps
16. JP Medicine Marketing
17. Gensan Enterprises
18. Dr. Lamberto Chom
19. General Santos City Chamber of Commerce
20. ROJON Pharmacy
21. Land O’ Reene Pharmacy
22. St. Elizabeth Hospital
23. Medrep Rhoma Amor Dagumanpan
24. Rotary Club of Metro Dadiangas
25. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
26. General Santos  Medical Society


Brgy. Bula Rajah Muda Health Workers


Medical Societies

  • Jover Quintanilla
  • Marissa Merimonte
  • Maria Canay
  • Mila Faborado
  • Nilo Villarente





Weighing Scale

  • Dr. Zuphia Demontaño
  • Dr. Rhodora Gaguis
  • Dr. Rose Evangelio
  • Brgy. Bula- Hon. Remus Declaro
  • Brgy. City Heights- Hon. Ritchie Matutina
  • Brgy. West-Hon. Edgar Acharon


Legal Counselling (Confirmed:Lovie)


Massage (Confirmed: Rodeno Tolentino)

  • Atty. Teodoro Sales
  • Atty. Arturo Cloma
  • Atty. Armand Clarin
  • Atty. Rey Cartojano
  • Atty. Evelyn Vicente
  • HIMAS Wellness Academy and Spa
  • ALS of Dadiangas West Elem. School





  • Alpha Phi Omega-ETA Chi Association, MSU Tambler Alumni APO GAAM Gensan Alumni Association

(Pres. Jerry Arbis Taten Macalangcom)

  • Alcantara Foundation





  • LGU Gensan & Ms. Leah Tolimao- HR Head
  • Gerardos School- 100 packmeals
  • Hon. Kagawad Rambo Leyson-1000 pcs.
  • DOLE Phil
  • Red Ribbon
  • Goldilocks
  • Rolee Bakeshop
  • Yolly’s Pancit Malabon
  • Rara’s Lechon
  • Kiko Lechon
  • Cantanios Catering
  • Nadies Chicken House
  • BDC Purified Drinking Water
  • Gensan Water Resources
  • Nikolai Seafoods
  • Phils. Spring Water Resources



Security Provision and Crowd Control



  • PCI Cremon Pungot- Dental Chief
  • PCI Rolando Laderas
  • PSI Aron Fale
  • BFP12 FO3 Marlycel Lamprea
  • 1002nd 1Lt Oliver Gabito
  • Dr. Wenro Tupaz
  • Joint Task Force
  • Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges,ROTC Intern Students
  • 1205 Community Defense Center, CDG
  • Army Reserve Command, ARESCOM, Lt. Col. Warren A. Manilay


Statistic of Service Rendered

Service Offered

Total Beneficiary Aided

  • Dental


  • Internal


  • OB-Gyne


  • Pedia


  • Ear/Nose/Throat


  • Optical


  • Pharma


  • Vital Sign


  • Massage


  • Haircut


  • Legal

(Birth Certificate Claims)


      The organizer of the event greatly appreciated the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Warren T. Manilay as well as the participation of all the staffs and students who gladly volunteered their services all throughout the course of the event, “We got the best response and much better partnership with Goldenstate College, compared to all Bombo Medico which started late 90’s, this is the best partnership that happened among any other schools.” Bombo station manager added. Dr. Sarah Jane Manilay,MBA Vice President of Finance, felt privileged to be a partner for Bombo Medico, she said that the Medical Mission has provided a venue for the Goldenstate College family to be able to share their blessings, foster nation building through betterment of health and give chance to the disadvantaged between a greater chance of living a healthy life.

-ABEng 3rd year

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