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Acquaintance 2017: One Day. One College. Unified Goldenstate.

As a person of social being, we mustn’t bind ourselves to only one group. We need socialization to help us frame one. College life is tough at times and we need friends along the way. Thus Goldenstate College makes a bridge of inter- communication between students of different courses.

It has been a tradition among schools that Acquaintance party is held to welcome various freshmen and transferees and allow old and new students to have fun together. For Goldenstate College however, the administration has made the event compulsory for the members of the faculty, staff and school personnel to join the party to warm and welcome the new students for the new school year.

Unified to celebrate the annual acquaintance party, Goldenstate College celebrates several firsts. It was the first time for the institution to stage the event at Goldenstate College Lagao Campus and have it celebrated earlier. The time and venue where it usually takes place were purposely changed and Dr. Josie Yap-Tirador, the supervising head of the event explained that the purpose of the changes were to ensure the security of the students, Dr. Tirador also emphasized that one contributing factor to the change was the curfew time implemented in accordance with Martial Law.

As early as 11:00 am, students already strutted in their Denim attire, the theme for this year at the venue and excitedly registered for the event. Right after they have registered, they started mingling with other students, enjoying chitchats, selfies and groufies.
It was quite a sunny afternoon but the temperature of excitement was a lot higher since students were entertained by an open jam from various colleges and senior high school departments. It was at exactly 2pm when the program was formally started by a welcome address given by Dr. Warren A. Manilay, MNSA the CEO and President of Goldenstate College, Dr. Manilay said that though it’s undoubtedly hot, there is an advantage that the event was changed. “It’s an advantage that it was held in the afternoon for faces are more visible for everyone to see, the gorgeous ladies and handsome guys of this event can be noticed. Unlike during night, we can’t see each other faces and we’ll not know each other so well.” On the same address, he highlighted the essence why an event like this should take place, encouraging everyone to make use of it as an opportunity to build friendship. “Iba-iba ang ugali, kultura, background and we have differences on how we think. We wanted to unify, this is the right venue to start a friendship. Masarap sa pakiramdam na lahat ng makakasalubong mo ay kakilala mo, there is easy cooperation if we know each other”.

Truly, an acquaintance party is not just about how you look, what you wear and who the guest artists would be. It’s about what you will have after the event, a new friend, a new experience and most of all new joyous memories. “After all, it’s not just friendship we build, we’re building family at Goldenstate College”, as we are called Goldenstate College family as said by Sir Jay Custorio, the event coordinator.

Thereafter, students were elated when the old and new Senior High School and College Faculty and Staff performed their intermission number as part of a yearly tradition of the school.

The cheerful spirit of the students levelled up even more when the Pop Dance Contest began as everyone cheered up for their favoured Division. Afterwards, the guest artists arrived intensifying even more shouts of excitement from the students. They felt ecstatic as the guest artists started entertaining them with their songs. In return, the guest artists disregarded the heat since they felt warmer on how the students welcomed them. They even stepped down from the stage to perform closely with the students.

After the sizzling performance by the guest artists, the venue bubbled up when finally the foam party began causing everyone to gather and bewildered by the floating bubbles in the air while feeling the tempo of music played by the Wild FM disc jockeys. Overall, students enjoyed and had a lot of fun especially the Grade 11 Senior High students who describe the event as something that draws a way to tighten the bond of the students in Goldenstate College. Truly it wasn’t just made memorable for the new students but for everyone who came as well.

- AB English 3rd year

Extreme security measures at the Entrance, Goldenstate College Security Personnel together with the Army Reserve Command, ARESCOM, are executing the security imperviously to assure safety among the students.

Dr. Warren A. Manilay MNSA and President of Goldenstate College, delivering his welcome address, emphasizing the importance of the acquaintance party.

New faculty members,gratified the students with the traditional baptism through talent presentation.

Old Senior High school teachers, College Faculty instructor and Staff, heightened the spirit of everyone by showcasing their dancing prowess.

Yheen and Yuki, as they serenaded the crowd.

Students danced and jive with the music, though soaking wet they thoroughly enjoyed the foam party.

The Event Organizers, feeling delighted by the success of the event.

Disk Jockey from Wild FM mixed music and pumped up the party feels for the students.

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