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            To be acquainted. The main objective of the Goldenstate College as they again made a once in a year event which was the acquaintance party with its signature party type and with an amazing and trendy theme every year.

            With its ever supportive and cooperative people, they held the program successfully and safely, though not perfectly as what it should be but still they made all the students, teachers, and staffs enjoyed and satisfied. The success of the program will not be completed without the all out support of the sponsors which are the Greenleaf Hotel, Southern Brew, Coy’s Cafe, Pacman Basketball, Mt. Sabrina, East Asia Royale Hotel, Globe Telecom, Asia Brewery Inc., Wild FM, and Virginia Food Inc. Truly, Wild FM really helped a lot in  making the foam party more fun with their nice and cool beats given by their DJ’s and as well as the Virginia Food Inc. who gave more energy to the students by feeding their stomachs with their yummy and tasteful hotdogs.

            One of the parts of the program was the intensifying pop dance competition of each division except for the division one who doesn’t have a contestant. All the participants gave out their best to prove that their performance were really worth enough to be given a specific prizes and ranks. The following were the list:

  • Division 3 – Consolation prize (Php 500.00)
  • Division 2 – Consolation prize (Php 500.00)
  • Grade 12 – 3rd place (Php 1,000.00)
  • Grade 11 – 2nd place (Php 2,000.00)
  • Division 4 – 1st place (Php 3,000.00)


The said event was unexpectedly stopped due to black-out. The current killed the happiest and the last part of the program which was the foam party. Everyone were in the middle of their joyous party under the flashing fluffy lather when the incident happened, making the program to be ended sooner. The students were quite disappointed but still they were glad for they had felt a glorious event once in a year in their student life.

- AB English 3rd year

The winner of the pop dance competition, Division4.

Grade 11 students though youngest among all competitors proved that they have the energy and will to compete with other divisions, they were declared 1st runner up for pop dance competition.

Grade 12 students, third place in the pop dance competition.

Division 2 got the consolation prize in the pop dance competition.

Division 3 got the consolation prize in the pop dance competition.

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