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Bombo Radyo and Goldenstate College celebrating its 5th Year of Well-founded Partnership

 “This is by far, the most organized Bombo Medico medical mission we’ve handled. The well-implemented numbered queuing of attendees made the operations smooth and more efficient compared to the previous medical missions we had. – Those are the words of the President/CEO of Goldenstate College Dr. Warren A. Manilay, MNSA, on the recently concluded Bombo Medico, Its 9th year of providing the medical assistance.
Bombo Medico has been around 9 years and has always been anticipated by the least prosperous individuals, it is an annual charitable event spearheaded by Bombo Radyo Philippines. In their early years, they only had medical, dental, and optical services to offer. As their advocacy grew through the years, they have expanded to giving various non-medical services as well, such as haircut, reflexology, circumcision, legal assistance and more along with the greatest purpose of making the poorest of the poor feel special for a day. The first medical mission with Goldenstate College was held at the school’s main campus. They then moved to the institution’s Lagao campus to cope with the increasing number of attendees. “As someone new to this, I am overwhelmed by the sea of people. I’ve heard of different stories from different places. From the mildest cases to those who need immediate attention, all in one place. Loren Marie Lemana said, a volunteer.
The Goldenstate College of General Santos is delighted to cooperate with Bombo Radyo once more, as it celebrated its 5th year of partnership with the radio network. This year, the mission catered a record-breaking count of 6,725 attendees. 2,850 people availed free medical check-up, 545 had tooth extraction, 300 of the 680 patients for the optical services were granted with free reading eyeglasses, approximately 300 pairs of slippers were given away by the Goldenstate College family and 2,650 enjoyed the free non-medical services.

One of the highlight of the event was the generosity extended by Dr. Sara Jane T. Manilay, MBA Vice President of Finance of Goldenstate College Inc. Dr. Manilay has given away 25 new wheelchairs to selected Persons with disabilities in the city while the local government of Sarangani also distributed 15 artificial legs for our handicapped brothers. “I can’t contain my happiness. I am very thankful of Bombo Medico for the wheelchair they gave me. I’ve waited long for this. I finally have the chance now to have my condition checked by an expert. Thank you so much Madam Sara” said Mercie Lasa, 42, a resident of Brgy. Glamang who have been bedridden since the day she broke her spine from a motor accident.

The event could have not been possible without Goldenstate College’s committed faculties, staffs, working committees and students to wit; the midwifery, healthcare, pharmacy, criminology, and the AB English students assigned at the venue, this under the strong leadership of the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the college, Dr. Josie Yap Tirador who spearheaded in making man power organized and available. There is also a myriad of volunteers and sponsors who have selflessly helped and given their support to the event. The Joint Task Force of GenSan with the collaboration of Regional Community Defense Center of  Buayan led by Lt. Colonel Warren A. Manilay  together with the Dean of Criminology Department of Goldenstate College Ret. General Willie Dangane provided security and ensured the safety of the organizers, beneficiaries and sponsors during the event.

All the hard work of those who genuinely exerted their efforts paid off as they witnessed the joy and satisfaction of the beneficiaries. The eagerness and the willingness to serve mattered the most as what the President/CEO Dr. Warren A. Manilay quoted  “Most of all we will always ensure that the efforts we put in are more than enough to reach the satisfaction of our beneficiaries. This is the best partnership we’ve had; we will always look forward to work hand in hand with them in the future”

The dispensing of medicines by our Goldenstate College pharmacy students, patients were given medicines based on their conditions or the prescription issued by the physician.

Massage therapists volunteering to ease the body pain of our brethrens.

Newly arrived patients line up to get their vital signs checked by Goldenstate College’s own healthcare students.

Dr. Ralph Charlie Casanova performing tooth extraction to a patient inside DOH Dental Bus.

Col. Bajao giving instructions to the soldiers the members of the RCDC who presented for the security of the medical mission.

People lining up to Madam Sara’s freebies.

Free reading glasses for patients with poor vision.

Interns from Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College assisting a challenged patient.

Atty. Teodoro Sales giving free legal advice to individuals who don’t have enough money to consult private lawyers.

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